Adam on Bouzouki - CC 2022

Celtic Connections 2022

It’s been a quiet few years, but I’ve made up for it this Celtic Connections in Glasgow! I’ve had the honour not only to play with two of my own bands, Mec Lir and Ímar, but also to join two of my favourites for their gigs too.

The opening concert with Ímar & strings, the sold out Mec Lir gig with ‘Big Mec’ guests, depping in with The Paul McKenna Band and last night playing with Calum Stewart.

Thanks so much to everyone at Celtic Connections for keeping the faith! Judging by the audience reactions I’ve seen, it’s EXACTLY what a lot of people needed.

  • Ímar CC 2022
  • Adam on Bouzouki - CC 2022
  • Mec Lir CC 2022
  • Calum Stewart Quartet at CC 2022
  • Paul McKenna Band - CC 2022